Mother-In-Law Lust

I have been married for fifteen years. My wife is sexy as all hell, but I have always had a thing for her mother. She is a sexy lady who, over the years, I have gotten to know as a sensual woman as well. One time when she was over, I decided to try something. When my wife and her father left to the store, I went from the guest room to the bathroom naked. Truth is, I waited until I knew my mother-in-law would be in the hall. I then walked out and acted shocked that she was there. She looked at me, looked down at my package, and then scurried off to her room. I went in to assure her it was an accident and to not be ashamed. This was all that happened that visit. However, since then I have seen some pics her husband has taken of her nude, and I let her know I had seen them. Every time we visit her or she comes up to visit us, I try to make sure she can see me nude. I now never wear bottoms around her as I get ready for bed. I am not sure, but I think she likes to look as she has always been very, very nice to me, and we smile and joke about it a bit. Who knows, maybe someday we can take it even further!

— Lloyd, 44

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