I Wish She Had Caught Me Long Ago

My wife caught me wearing a bra yesterday. I was wearing jeans over panties and a bra that I had worn under a shirt, but I had taken the shirt off. I was cleaning out my pick-up in the garage, and I had the radio on. Because of the music, I didn't hear her drive up, and she suddenly appeared at the garage door. It was a complete shock to her. She has known for twenty-four years that I wear panties, and she has gotten over that. I had not told her that I also wore bras because I didn't want to stretch my luck. I have only been wearing them for a couple of years, and I kept it hidden. I would wear them after she went to work, and that gave me nine to ten hours to have one on. During cold weather, I would wear one under my shirt and jacket so the bulges didn't show. I would go to stores and other places. I have started to leave the top button open so that there is a peek of bra showing. I love to watch the faces of the sales women. I watch their eyes and when they go down to my chest. I know that they have seen it. They look back at my face, and I can see on their faces that they have seen it and know that I know that they saw it. I have had a few negative reactions, but I just smile. Some give me a knowing smile in return. That evening, we had great sex. She had three orgasms, and I had a big, powerful one myself. I know that we will do it again soon. I wish I had let her catch me a long time ago.

— Luther, 62

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