Trying On Lingerie

One of my college students works at a lingerie store in the mall. I knew it was her shift, so I convinced my wife to go shopping with me. When passing by the lingerie shop, and after buying myself a drill in another store, I told her I wanted to buy some fancy stuff for her as a reward for having been so nice with me. I introduced my thirty-nine-year-old wife to my nineteen-year-old student. Then I asked my wife to try something nice on and call me when she was ready. As she was in the fitting room, I chose a set of sheer undies and bra and asked my student to hand it to my wife. I did it so many times my student ended up helping out my wife in the fitting room as I watched and gave my opinions. I think they both were kind of excited but not more than me. The bad thing? I spent a fortune.

— Marcus, 42

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