Store Sex

One day, I went into a sexy lingerie store just to look around. I saw this hot girl working at the back of the store. I asked her how long it had been since she had sex. She said, "Forever!" She said she wanted me to see something I should get for my girlfriend. She took me to the back of the store and told me to wait for a minute. She stepped into a room and told me to close my eyes. When she came out, she straddled me and was wearing a sexy leather lingerie outfit. She handcuffed me to the chair and then ripped my shirt off. She then took my pants off and stood up. She took off her top layer of lingerie to reveal a small bra that hardly covered her breasts. She ripped off her bottoms and stuck her butt in my face. She smacked it and told me she couldn't reach her bra. So, I helped her out and unbuttoned it. She took it off to reveal the biggest, hottest boobs I've ever seen. She stood me up and threw me up on the desk where we had the most awesome sex for five hours straight. We do it every day except for the days I have to work. Every day she has a new outfit, and every day it seems her breasts get hotter.

— Sammy, 28

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