It Made Me So Excited

One weekend, my wife and I had friends over. One night while I was sleeping, I awoke and my wife was not in bed. I got up to see where she was. I looked in the bathroom, which was empty, so I opened the door to our friend's bedroom and noticed only the female sleeping alone in the bed. I immediately went to our living room kitchen combo and saw no one. My heart just stopped because now I realized something was very wrong with this picture. I quietly walked towards the third bedroom where the door was closed shut. With my heart racing and my body trembling, I listened to sounds coming from the room. I turned the knob slowly and peeked in only to see my wife on top of our male friend fully naked. I was hurt to see this, but the longer I watched, the more I became very excited at the movements of my wife's body. I returned to our bedroom confused of what I should do. Lying there in bed with the images of my wife and friend made me so excited that when she finally returned to our bedroom, I said nothing to her but gave her oral sex.

— Luther, 26

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