Sexual Inadequacy

I have been married twice, and each time my wife has left me for another man due to my sexual inadequacy in bed. In fact, my first marriage was never consummated! My best friend at the time, Ryan, was going through a rough patch in his marriage and had always fancied my wife. So, I suppose it was inevitable that they would start an affair together. What started off as romantic lunch meetings and heavy petting in Ryan's car, inevitably progressed to the point where Ryan was making love to her in my bed at every opportunity, which was quite often as I worked away from home on a regular basis. After four years of celibacy and being married to an impotent man, my wife was in seventh heaven in Ryan's arms. She wasted no time in informing him how useless I was in bed and told him that he need not feel any guilt about cuckolding me. Ryan was thrilled at this news. It gave a real extra buzz to their lovemaking and, being a handsome, virile guy, Ryan realized how fantastic it made him appear by comparison. I had been aware of their affair virtually from the start, but I had done nothing to stop them. I could hardly blame Kathy for turning to a man who could provide her with the pleasure and fulfillment she so desperately craved. So, it was no surprise to me when she finally told me that she and Ryan were in love and intended to be together. She said that she wanted a divorce and that she intended to have Ryan move in almost immediately. If I did not agree, she would have the marriage annulled and expose me as impotent. I just could not face that. Although I did still love her, in all conscience I could not blame her, and so I agreed. And this is where my real confession is revealed. Despite all the emotions I felt; anger, shame, and jealousy, the overriding feeling was one of masochistic pleasure at being so humiliated and cuckolded before the whole town. My second marriage went the same way. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment.

— Cole, 44

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