My Woman Doctor

On my first examination during a blood pressure test, my young, female doctor pressed my forearm hard against her abdomen, and my closed hand fell on her breast. It was all I could do to restrain myself from putting my other arm around her. The ambience of the tiny room and seeming intimacy of the contact had my blood pressure rising. I opened my hand, gently enclosed her breast for some seconds, and then withdrew my hand and recoiled. Was it an unwanted advance? On following visits, she repeated the strong body contact, and I'm sure she enjoyed seeing my blood pressure rise from the effect of her touch. During another visit, I again opened my hand and enveloped her breast. She pulled away and started for the door. I said, "It's your fault. You turned me on." These intimate clinches stopped, and she scheduled longer times between visits. I know she wanted the body contact since the nurse always took my blood pressure just before the doctor came in. So, there was no need to repeat it. She left the practice to work for a Veterans Administration Hospital.

— Brian, 32

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