Halloween Hanky Panky

I'm a thirty-eight-year-old guy. Last Halloween, my girl wanted to go to a party as a pimp and his hooker. However, she was going to be the pimp and me the hooker! Well, I went along with her plan. When the night came, she shaved me from head to toe, put on me a pair of pink, satin panties, a pink, satin bra, and padded the bra. Then she did my makeup, put on a shoulder-length blonde wig, bright pink lipstick, heavy perfume, and fake nails. Then out came a pink satin blouse and a little, tight, seventeen-inch, black leather skirt, that was followed by five-inch black platforms. When I looked in the mirror, I couldn't believe how I looked! It was sexy, and I actually got turned on! She said, "Tonight you get to see what a woman has to go through and put up with when going out on the town." On the way to the club, we stopped several times for gas, cigs, beer, money from the ATM, and she made me do these all. Walking in the store with that short, tight skirt on, I could feel everyone looking. So, I started to throw a twitch in my hips. While waiting in line to pay, one guy behind me told me that I had a nice ass and legs. He even asked me if I wanted to go party with him! I was beginning to like this attention. I felt sexy. When we got to the club after about fifteen minutes, she went to the bathroom and left me up on a barstool alone. I had my legs crossed and was sitting tall. Several guys made comments to me. Then one guy, dressed as a cop, came up and sat down. He told me he'd been staring at me for a while and wanted to know if he could buy me a drink. We each had a shot of tequila, and then I ordered a margarita. I didn't have a clue where my girl had gone to. She'd been gone for about twenty minutes. He leaned over once to ask me if I wanted to dance, and he placed his hands on my thigh. That felt good. It was a slow song, so I agreed. He put his arms around my back, and then one hand slid done to cup my ass. I was really getting tuned on. I guess the liquor helped. The next thing I knew, I was in was in his car. We were making out as his hand went all up my skirt! That did it. I pulled his member out of his pants and went down on him there. I really enjoyed that night! My girl doesn't know about that part. She still dresses me up sometimes, and we have fun. I only wish I had gotten his number!

— Gerald, 38

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