It Was A Just Joke

My neighbor's wife is not only kind of cute, but she is very friendly as well. We had just recently moved when she came over and introduced herself. After a year, she told me that her husband was having sex with my wife. She said she didn't care since she was having an affair with another man. I never thought I was going to like it that much. I started to look at my wife as a more interesting woman. It was very exciting when we made love. I never told her I knew it. Some time later, I learned that all wasn't true. My neighbor's wife had made that up because she wanted to have an affair with me. Now, I am very confused. I liked making love to an unfaithful wife. I think I would really like my neighbor to do it to her. I can't help thinking of it all the time when we make love.

— Quinn, 42

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