It Feels So Free

I live in a place where the houses are fairly spaced out so the neighbors can't really see me get naked at night. Tonight is going to be my second night getting naked and running through my yard and laying on my rooftop butt-naked. It feels so free, and I love it. The last time I did this, I kind of got scared and ended up crouching down and covering myself up because I was afraid someone might see. Tonight, I'm going to go pure, bare-butt naked, and this weekend I will invite my girlfriend over and maybe she will enjoy being naked with me. There is a dirty side to all this. I love masturbating, and I try to masturbate in new places all the time. Tonight, I think I will masturbate myself under the stars. It's funny because I'm sure nobody would ever guess this about me since I have a totally normal life and an aspiring career as a cyclist.

— Raymond, 19

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