Two Weeks Of Sex Times Two

I was waiting for my wife's cousin from France. She was a model. When she got here, we had supper, and I couldn't stop looking at her large breasts! When my wife went to use the restroom, she got under the table and unzipped my pants. I pulled my underwear down for her. She started giving me oral. She took off her shirt. I heard my wife say that she might be a while. I was so happy! After supper, we went to bed. I acted like I was going to the bathroom but headed down to Laurel's room. She was still up. She had a tube in her hand. It said it was for better sex. I took it and applied it. After an hour, I literally jumped on her. We had sex for two or three hours. My wife came in said Laurel wasn't the only woman in the house, so I ended up having sex every night and day with the two of them for two weeks! I kept the cream. I ended up having four kids. Go figure. Every time she comes, we do this. I love Laurel!

— Bradley, 32

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