In Front Of Strangers

It was a couple of years ago, but we were on our way back from the Northwest coast of the UK, and we had to stop for a rest in a service station. As my wife was sleeping, I parked on the edge of the car park behind a van so she wouldn't be disturbed while I was gone. When I returned, there were two guys sitting in the van and staring at my wife. Her skirt had ridden up just below her panties, showing all of her legs. I jumped in the car and told her about the men looking at her. She was turned on by this. So turned on that she said she would give them something to look at. Without warning, she lay back and put her legs on the dashboard which now exposed her even more. She then began playing with herself whilst the men looked on. She completed very loudly to which I thought it was time to leave. As we did, the men in the van gave us thumbs up and honked the horn.

— Javier, 50

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