Her Memorable Birthday

My step-daughter was having a birthday. Her husband was gone as was my wife. She calls me and says she is very down as she is spending it alone. I tell her if she can keep it to herself and never tell anyone, she can come over, and I will give her a full body massage. She says only if we don't have sex as she couldn't do that to her mom. I agree but say, "If you change your mind, I want to." She comes over. I have a hot bath ready for her when she gets here. So, first, I bathe her. She has such a beautiful body. I love running my hand over it, and she is really enjoying it. We move to the bedroom, and she lays on the bed face-down. I give her a message from her head to toes. Then, I roll her over. I do her front. She is really getting turned on. I began to manually pleasure her, and she starts moaning. I decide to take a chance, and I start giving her oral sex. She has the most awesome climax of her life, she tells me. She gets up, removes my clothes, and returns the favor. Afterwards, we have awesome sex for the rest of the night. We agree not to let it happen again, but I will always remember her twenty-fifth birthday.

— Martin, 49

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