How To Make Women Melt

I adore women's feet. After about ten minutes with a woman, if I can get her shoes off and start massaging them, I can be making love to her in no time. It is amazing how sensitive her feet and toes are. At first, they will think you are a sicko. But after about five minutes, they begin to melt. All I want is nice, clean feet. Try washing her feet for her first. Then give them a good massage. Then lick them good on top as well as her soles. Next, suck her toes. You will command her body. Even at my age, I can get all the younger ladies I want. Guys, just get her shoes, socks or hose off and start working on her deep, inner self. I have been getting girls since I was fourteen and only had one complete turn down. Guys, try it. It works. The best place to start is to find nurses who have been on their feet all day. These gals melt.

— Max, 57

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