Liking My Wife's Sexy Past

My wife, Amanda, and I have been married for ten years. We met at a small, private, religious college. She was twenty, a sophomore, the hottest girl in school, and the daughter of a doctor. I thought I was the luckiest guy in the world when we started dating. It wasn't long, though, until I started hearing rumors that she had gotten in some kind of trouble during her freshman year and had actually been expelled. When I asked her about it, she got really mad and wouldn't talk about it. I left it alone and eventually we got engaged. One night, she said if we were going to get married she had something she needed to tell me. Apparently, during her freshman year, she had a fight with her dad who threatened to cut off her college money. As a way of getting back at him, she went to work for a local strip club. She worked there for three months. Then everything blew up when the police raided the bar and she was arrested. She did get expelled briefly, but her dad got involved and basically smoothed the entire situation over with the school and with law enforcement. I was stunned. When I tried to ask some questions, she started getting angry again and said it was all before she knew me, and I had no right to interrogate her. There were too many unanswered questions. So, one weekend, I decided to go down to the club and look around and ask some questions. It was a very upscale club with very hot girls on stage. I asked around to see if anyone knew my fiancé and eventually found a waitress who did. She told me that she didn't work there anymore and that you wouldn't find any girls there who liked her. When I asked why not, she told me that Amanda "made too much money." I didn't understand, and finally the waitress said, "Look, she had sex with the customers in the VIP room. She made a lot of money, but she finally got arrested for it, and she hasn't been back since." I was stunned again. I drove around that night doing a lot of soul searching and decided that I loved this girl no matter what. We did get married, and she has been the perfect wife. Over the years, I have gradually gotten the whole story out of her. She eventually admitted that early on, one of the older dancers had told her that the way to make money was to do private lap dances in the VIP room. She was told that you never take less than $50.00, and the customer always gets oral but not to completion. She told me that her very first customer completed and tipped her an extra $50.00. It was all down hill from there. It didn't take long before she was actually having sex with her customers. She is not sure how many guys she did in her three months with the club but says that she once had sex with six different guys in one shift. On the night she got busted, a vice cop took her to the VIP room. She said the thing that made her mad was that he didn't arrest her until he had finished. I don't know how she never got any disease, but she is clean. The weird thing is that I totally get off on thinking about her wild past. She has figured this out (I think it's the only reason she told me the details) and will spice up our sex life by talking about it. Sometimes she does private dances for me in our room at night. She's also a great mom.

— Lennox, 31

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