Two Beers Is All It Took

When I was younger and had only been married a year or so, I was working as a cab driver in a city of about six hundred thousand people. This was at a time and an era where go-go girl bars and adult peep shows where popping up everywhere. When business was slow and a lot of cabbies lined up waiting for our next customer, some of us would go into a peep show right near the taxi stand. For a quarter, you could watch porn with fellow workers. After we all spent a quarter apiece, we would go back to our cabs, not knowing the impact it had on one fellow worker. One night after work, I needed a ride home. This fellow worker offered to take me home after we had a couple of beers as many of us used to do after work. Well, on the way home, he said he couldn't wait to get home and have another beer, "I've got plenty," he said, "Would you like one?" "Sure," I said. So, we made a stop at his place where, after two more beers, he got me in bed, feminized me, and off and on went back for more.

— Eddie, 58

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