Super Bowl Sex

My wife is having sex with seven of our friends! It all started when we decided to have a Super Bowl party. We invited five other couples and two single guys who live in our neighborhood. I like my wife in short skirts with no underwear. It's very erotic. So, I convinced her to wear a short, summery skirt and a halter top. We thought we would have a great old time with our friends. The other wives decided on Saturday that they would go shopping instead of watching the game. So, here we were, my wife and I and seven of our men friends. Even before the game started, we were all pretty toasted. Pete had brought over a bagful off adult movies. I had set up an extra TV, and our big screen had picture in picture. So, we soon had the pre-game show on and two erotic movies going. It was wild, and everyone was flirting and touching my wife after a while. She was laughing and flirting back but would move away whenever anyone tried to grab her breasts or put their hands under her skirt. When one of our friends was kissing her, he removed her top, which had been pulled to one side. What a great scene. Soon, everyone was talking with ideas. I said, "Hey, what about this? Let's play musical chairs! All the guys will sit in chairs, and my wife will go from one to the other and sit on them, for let's say, two plays. Then it won't really be like having sex or anything, and it will be alright." My wife giggled at the idea. We only had five folding chairs, so we drew straws to see who the five guys would be. The five guys all dropped drawers and sat on the chairs. My wife had only had sex with me in her life, so this was something new. She was sauced also, so the first guy in line pulled her to him. She looked at me and then started to sit down. Well, they went at it like mad for two plays. Then, my wife pulled off of him and went to the next guy. I almost passed out. What a scene, watching my wife move from man to man. After a few rounds, my wife was with our next door neighbor. His time was up, but he held onto her waist and it was obvious what was going on. We went on like that until everyone else did the same! My wife lay on the couch and was kind of moaning, so one guy went over and started to have sex with her. She had lost all her inhibitions. We all stood around watching them. Well, for the next four hours, the seven guys took turns having sex with my wife. It's been going on for about nine months. Our friends come have sex with my wife whenever they want, and she happily obliges. Usually, it's at least two other men every day now. She kind of pouts and complains on the few days when none of our friends come to have sex with her. Now that football season has started again, the guys spend all Sunday at our house from about 9:30 AM until 8:00 PM or so. My wife is naked the entire time as our friends take turns having sex with her all day. She is really great.

— Joseph, 52

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