Confession Of Knickers

When I was eighteen, I used to work for a nurse two doors away, walking her dog for her. One day, the dog chased some ducks and pulled me into the pond. I went back to her house wet through. She gave me some jeans and a t-shirt to put on. She said, "I don't have any pants for you, just these," and she held up a pair of her stretch, silky, Tangas. I put them on just as she came into the room with some socks. She stared as I stood there in nothing but the knickers. I think she could see I had a good erection because of them. She said with a red face, "Why are you in this state?" and brushed her hand over the front of the knickers, I have always remembered that feeling, and everyday when I came for the dog, I would be straight into her knickers' drawer trying them all while she was at work. Some times, I would keep a nice lacy pair on all day. It was a fantastic feeling, and all these years past, I still do it. I'm very lucky now to have a lovely girl who finds it a bit of a turn on and even buys her knickers with us both in mind. She loves it so much when I make love to her when I have one of her little, black, lacy, thongs on, and I'm sure this more than helps with performance.

— Harold, 45

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