All Wrapped Up Into One

True story, I dated older woman when I was thirty-five and she was fifty-five, old enough to be my mother. She had a son a year younger than me. How we met was I rented a room from her. I was in the service at the time and did not want to live on base. I will never forget the first time we met, and what she had on and looked like. If you ever had a fantasy about your teacher or maybe your mom's friend, she was it. When she came to the door, I was surprised. Her hair was in a beehive and was blonde in color. She was wearing cat's eye glasses. Her height was about five foot. She had a nice, round butt in a short, white skirt. She had small breasts. To make a long story short, we dated for about three years. I will say this, I lived out all of my fantasies, like my teacher, my mom's friend, and some I won't mention. It was great having an older woman!

— Damien, 41

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