I Want You To Know

After ten months of going out with this girl, everything was well. But as the relationship progressed, we started to fall apart. I think I could have fixed the relationship if I hadn't taken so many advantages of it. As we passed our ten months of being together, we started getting into a lot of fights and breaking up and going back out. Then, we finally broke up again for the third time. As I talked to her on the phone, she was telling me how we need to really talk and fix the problems so that when we go back out everything will be just fine. As the next day came and I got back from school, I called her up to ask her back out. I remember being really happy and everything because I had never gone out with anyone for ten months, and it seemed like the best ten months in my life even though we got in some stupid fights. As I called her, she finally picked up but she seemed sad. She told me she would call me back later. I told her okay and we hung up. After waiting for three hours, I finally called her back but she gave me the same response. After another hour or so, I called her back and asked her what was wrong. Finally, she told me that she was going out with this other guy and about how they made out and held hands and everything. Right there I felt my heart collapse like it was being stabbed a hundred times. As I heard this I really was sad because I still loved her to death. Then everything got silent. I lied and told her that I was happy and that I was glad we had taken this path. I didn't mean to say that because I still love her a lot. Hopefully she and I can go back out soon because she made my life a lot better when she was in it. If you read this and you know who you are, I just want to tell you I still love you a lot.

— Gary, 21

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