Prom Night Score

I took a very beautiful girl to the prom, and we had not dated before. She looked so nice in her prom dress. I was very polite with her. After the prom, we went to a party and had a few drinks. Then, we went to my car and made out a little. She let me pull her top down (strapless gown, no bra) and I played with her. Two guys got into a pickup truck not too far from us, and when she asked who it was, I lied and said another couple. I continued to play with her as they peeked. I took her home, as she would go no further. We stood on her front porch and made out some more. I had her up against the front door, and I pulled up her gown and rubbed her privates. She was so hot she was melting in my arms. I unzipped my fly and we started doing it right there. We were standing up and I am sure the family heard the pounding on the door.

— Steve, 51

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