Practice Session

My cousin and I are double step-cousins. This means that we are cousins on both sides of the family. That is my dad is her step-dad's brother and my step-mom is her mom's sister. When we were both twenty, we went on a hike into the mountains together. One of the main reasons we went was because she needed some advice; which of two boys to continue seeing, her current boyfriend or an old friend returned home. As we sat on the top of the mountain, she confided in me and I discovered that one of her main fears was that she had never had sex and was scared about which one would care the least. The discussion became some what graphic and I became turned on. She realized this, and leaned over and asked if she could practice on me. I was stunned for a moment or two, and then said yes as she reached for me. We didn't kiss, but instead went straight for each other's clothes. I massaged her while she gave me manual pleasure. We then performed oral sex on each other. After about a half of hour of this, she positioned her body on top of mine and we looked at each other. I nodded my head and we had full sex. We only did this once and I don't think we will do it again. She is engaged to her old boyfriend, but I will remember that practice session for a long time.

— Frank, 22

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