Becoming A Woman

I am a male-to-female cross-dresser that loves looking and acting like a woman. When I am dressed, which is most of the time, I love giving oral. There is nothing better than to pleasure a guy. Last night, I was at a club with some of my friends who were other cross-dressers. This guy leaned over me to order a drink at the bar. He excused himself for being so rude, and then he asked me if he could buy me a drink which I readily agreed to. We toasted each other, and then I felt his hand on my stocking encased leg. I told him that this was not the place, so he suggested we go to his car. I was so hot and horny by this time, I almost ripped his pants off him. I reached for him, found what I was looking for, and serviced him. Oh what a rush! It's so much fun becoming a woman.

— Darrel, 32

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