Never Thought

I've been reading these confessions for years and until yesterday, I never thought I would ever have anything interesting to confess. I'm sixty-three and my wife is fifty-four. We have traveled to Florida for the past eight winters to stay with our daughter and son-in-law for a couple of weeks. We arrived five days ago and as is our routine, I golf every morning, my daughter goes to work, my son-in-law works out of their house, and my wife relaxes poolside. Yesterday was no different. I left early and planned to go thirty-six holes, but I had a bout of asthma and came home after only three. I noticed my daughter had left for work, and as it was still early and didn't want to wake anyone, I entered the house quietly. As I set my clubs down, I heard a low moaning coming from the living room. Curiosity aroused, I crept around the corner. Imagine my shock when I see my wife of thirty years sitting naked on the sofa while my naked son-in-law is giving her oral sex. I was frozen to the floor and couldn't believe it, yet couldn't deny what I was witnessing. In a million years, I never would have imagined the scene happening in front of me. I came to my senses and took a slow step back so not to be noticed, and realized that I was incredibly aroused. My wife was now begging for more. She kept telling him how much she loved how he made her feel and to give her more. He was trying to give it to her and she finally finished. After a few moments, he stood up. She grabbed him and began giving him oral. Never once in all the years of marriage did she do that for me! It seemed to take forever, but he finally finished. He collapsed on top of her on the sofa, and I had seen enough. I crept back down the hallway and slipped out the door with my clubs. I sat in the driveway and pleased myself, thinking about what I had just seen and what they were now probably doing. When I came home later in the day, it was as if it never happened and I now realize that this has been going on for some time. I'm not sure what to next, but I find myself looking at my wife in a whole different way.

— Jake, 62

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