Shower Thrill

One summer, some friends and I rented a house on a beach. There was an outdoor shower, which I realized could be seen into from one of the bedrooms. One afternoon, I was changing in the bedroom when I noticed my friend's wife approach the outdoor shower. I peeked trough the shade and watched her slide off her bikini bottoms, untie her bikini top, and turn the water on. I couldn't believe it, I could see her naked from the waist up and she had no idea she was letting me see her breasts! They were very nice B cups. I watched her shower, and then quickly scurried out of the bedroom as she dressed and left. Since then, I have never been able to get those breasts out of mind when I see her. Now, I'm super attracted to her, but can do nothing about it. However, one night we were all drunk about a year later and she fell asleep on the couch. We were alone in the room, so I stood over her and pleasured myself just inches from her face. I didn't finish, but it was a thrill!

— Shawn, 39

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