Never Uttered A Word

A month ago, my wife asked me if I would escort her mother to a dance organized by the social club her mother attended. My mother-in-law is a widow of five years and has never been with a man during that time as she is a timid, shy person. She lives alone in her bungalow just a mile from us, and apart from this social club, she spends most of her time with us. She is in her mid-forties, slim, and very attractive. We have taken her on holiday with us and I have developed an easy going relationship with her. I wasn't sure about the dance set up as I am a twenty-five year old, and mixing with the older generation, some in their fifties and sixties, didn't appeal to me. Anyway, I eventually agreed and I picked up my mother-in-law on the evening in question. When I saw her, my jaw dropped. She was dazzling; dressed in a black cotton dress, with the hem just below her knees. The dress was buttoned up the front with four buttons; she wore black silk stockings and matching black shoes. She was beautiful and she blushed when I told her so. I had brought her a box of chocolates and flowers to set up her evening, and she rewarded me with a kiss and a hug. At the dance, she introduced me to her friends at the table we had joined. During the evening, my mother-in-law had quite a number of drinks and when I danced with her at the last dance, she could hardly stand. I managed to get her to the car and strapped her into the passenger seat, where she immediately fell asleep. The car was parked at the rear of the carpark in a dark area, and as I sat in the driving seat wondering how I was going to get her into the house, I looked down at her reclining in her seat. I could not help noticing how attractive and vulnerable she looked. I started caressing her face, then lightly massaging her neck and shoulders. By this time, I was very excited, so I decided to bite the bullet so to speak. I began to undo the buttons of her dress. As I began to play with her body, I realized she was half awake. I decided to get her home as quickly as possible and managed to carry her to the bedroom, where I stripped her and lay her on the bed. I stripped too and had the most fun of my life three times over. I saw her late the following day, but she just smiled and thanked me for a lovely night and for seeing her home. She said that she hoped I would take her to another dance that was coming up in the near future. We have been to a number of her dances since then, all with the same endings. During these times, she has never uttered a word during our love making.

— Drake, 25

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