My Wife, The Tease

My wife and I play a very hot game. At first, she didn't want to do it, but then she agreed to it. Our hot game is that we go to a department store and go our separate ways. She wears very short, sexy skirts and walks around the store trying to get attention from men. When she finds someone that she likes, she starts talking to him and flirting. After a while, she starts getting closer to him, but acts normal so he won't notice that she's doing it on purpose. She gets into tight places so they end up really close to each other, and then acts like she's looking for something. She bends down; not all the way, but just enough to keep his attention on her. Once in a while, she lets him get near from behind and she acts like nothing happened. That happens a few times, and then she continuously teases him. She acts like she's reaching for something that she can't reach, and then asks for his help. When he comes to help, she doesn't step aside. Once again, he comes from behind feeling her butt. They will go to the escalators and she will go in front of him. Then she will ask him if he can get closer to her because she's wearing a skirt and someone might see something as they go up the escalator. So, he goes up one step and ends up really close to her butt. She will let him grab her by her waist and pull her closer to him. She does this just to tease him even more. I get really turned on when she gives me all the details during our sex. I would like to read similar stories.

— Joel, 28

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