Stories To Stimulate

Sex with my wife had become very mundane. She could not complete until I stimulated her mind with stories from my younger years. I told her of a visit to my aunt's home when I was younger. I had gone for a summer vacation and was helping her husband with a roofing issue. While he was away during the day, my aunt, who sported 42EEE breasts, loved to sneak peeks to me; she was a bit of an exhibitionist. I spent a lot of time pleasuring myself in the shower! I sneaked peeks into the bedroom and watched them having sex; and the next day when my uncle went to work and I got out of the shower, my aunt went into the shower. I watched her! When she got out, she showed me her naked body. We went to her bedroom and she gave me oral and I returned the favor to her! This is just one of the stories I tell my wife, and she completes quite quickly, telling me how much she enjoys the stories. After she is finished, I take my turn. I always make sure she is first, though. Here is the thing; the stories never happened!

— Rod, 33

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