French Tip Follies

I so enjoy dressing in my wife's panties and matching bra and walking around our house. She is fine with it and says she's happy if I'm happy. My newest adventure is painting my nails while wearing the bra and panties. This she does not know about. When she leaves for work, I will dress in the set then paint my nails a fancy color; usually red or pink. I love the look of women with white French tips. After I paint my nails, I paint the tips a nice French white. I must say that I can barely finish the painting before I start to get aroused at the sight. I let them dry and prance around looking at myself in all the mirrors in the house. I cannot control myself and start to pleasure myself. The look of me in the mirror with matching panties and bra and the vision of my painted French tipped fingers is more than I can handle and I finish in record time. It is so exciting having my nails painted that it has got me wanting to drive around town in my car hoping someone will see my tips grasping the wheel.

— Adrian, 38

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