Wish Wife Accepted Me

I started putting bras and panties on real young. I had, and still have, excess breast fat/tissue. My mom's bra was my first. I was hooked and put one on, with panties, as often as I could. I had my own bra/panty collection while going to high school. I even bought a strapless in a Military Exchange and put it on as often as I could. I married an Asian, but never told her about my female underwear fetish. I wanted to, but never did. I wish I had and I wish she would have accepted my cross-dressing. I put her underwear on whenever I could, when she was out. When I was stationed in Northern California, we had "Saturday night sex romps" in our living room. We would wind up having sex on the floor or in bed. I wanted to tell her and I wish I had. We could have gone lingerie shopping together. She could have bought me my size bras, panties, lingerie, and falsies, etc. We could have fondled each other and had great sex, but that never happened. We are divorced now; I live alone and "dress up" as often I as can and love it! I have a large bra collection, panties to match, babydolls, nylons, fishnets, falsies, and pads to fill out my 38-C bras. I wish my ex-wife could see me now when I "dress up!"

— Jack, 66

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