Coed Softball Thrills

This past weekend, I was asked to play on a coed softball team. I enjoy the game and accepted. We had a four game day with a two hour break between the last two games. There are several women on the team that I did not know, but they are rather manly and I had no desire to hook up with them. However, during the break, a few of us went to a shady area of the complex, including three of the women. Not long there, I noticed that two of them were rubbing each other's back and the third was talking as if she was upset about it. Suddenly, I realized that they were all lesbians. I was fascinated by this and started talking as if I was into it. Just for kicks, I told them that I love to cross dress and pretend I am a woman. That was like turning a switch on and they all started telling me that they would love it if I would meet them later that night so we could all play dress up together. It turned out that we did not meet, but I got a rain check for what I hope will be a fun time. I will let you know how it turns out in a later update.

— Mike, 33

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