Great Sex With Neighbor

This is how it all started. I went to my neighbor's house to ask to cut her grass. She was a beautiful lady with a big behind. She was thirty-four at that time. Well, I asked her if I could cut it for twenty dollars. She said it was fine with her. After about an hour I finished cutting the grass. She had gone to the store, so I went back to my house and took a cold shower. After I finished, I looked outside to see if she had came back. She came back, so I went to charge her. When I rang the doorbell, I heard her say, "Come in." So, I went in. You won't believe this, but she was naked. She took me to her room. She said, "I have been waiting to do this to you." She then took my pants off and started giving me oral. We had sex for about five more hours until I got her tired. That was the best sex I've had.

— Dave, 32

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