Unintentional Peeping Tom

I never meant to be a peeping tom, but that is what happened. I was just taking the garbage to the can out back. Well, our back door faces the neighbor's bedroom window. Their curtain was drawn, but not quite all the way and I happened to notice motion in their room. I stood there and watched. They did not do anything other couples don't do, but as he undressed her, I got excited and could not stop watching. I always thought she was attractive, but to watch her being undressed to the buff confirmed the daydreams I had about her. Well, my wife came by and I pulled her out to watch also. I could tell my wife was also getting turned on. When the neighbors dropped onto their bed, they were no longer in sight. My wife and I went back into the house. We did not even make it out of the back hall, but had each other right there by the back door. Never did let the neighbors know. For being a forty-five year old married man of twenty-two years, I felt like a young teenager that night.

— Brad, 45

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