Nude Model Wife

My wife finally agreed to be a nude model for an artist that was looking for a mature woman and lived over an hour from our house. We went to his studio and they conversed for a while to get to know each other a little. Then, he asked her to disrobe so that he could get started with his drawings. He had her sitting on a daybed for a half hour or so, covering her breasts and with her legs crossed so her pubic hair was not showing. He called a break and my wife realized that she forgot her cover up. The artist asked if she wanted something to put on. She looked at me with a questioning look and I nodded no, so she told him she was okay. They started taking to each other and I was taking pictures of them. A study of my nude wife and a clothed artist. During the conversation, she was becoming more at ease with the situation. I could see that by her posture. She was sitting on the daybed leaning back and her legs were not tight together anymore; she was becoming relaxed, causing her legs to spread. The artist noticed this also. He asked me if I minded my wife getting into more erotic poses, then he named a famous drawing that I did not know. He brought a photograph of the painting out. It showed a women in an erotic position laying on a daybed. He showed my wife the pose and asked her if she would mind getting into that position. She asked me if I was okay with it and I told her it was up to her. She turned red, laid on the daybed, and got into the pose. She was totally exposed to this man that she just met less than an hour ago. She was also getting very excited. She was in that position for over two hours with breaks. He did adjustments to her pose every ten minutes, and I took pictures. My wife was very excited by the whole experience and has been modeling nude for men every month or two since. Sometimes, I have her meet with the men that she has modeled for in the nude. She always says no to begin with, but then reluctantly agrees. She says she does it for me, but I see the way she exposes herself to the maximum for the guys. It shows that she loves the attention.

— Jack, 62

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