My Co-Worker, Part 1

About five months ago, myself and another co-worker went to Chicago for a three-day seminar. We are both married. She works on the other side of the building in another department and we interact at work only occasionally. We caught our flight out and ended up in Chicago mid-evening. By the time we checked into our rooms and got settled in, we were both pretty hungry for some dinner. We decided to go together and it gave us a great opportunity to get to know a little bit more about each other than just what we saw and knew at work. We had already polished off one bottle of wine over conversation and were already well into our second as we were both feeling pretty relaxed. On our way back to the hotel, we were discussing our common interest in our love for wine and we grabbed another bottle before heading up to her room. We poured another glass and our conversation switched to talking about a rumor that we had heard about another employee at work who allegedly received oral from his female boss in her office one night. I laughed and said if only I was that lucky! My co-worker asked why and I revealed that my wife never performs oral on me because she dislikes it so much; she says it's too tiring. My co-worker laughed and said, "Join the club." She said her husband never gave it to her either because of his cultural upbringing and that he really only cared about himself. I felt bad for her and she further revealed that she didn't really enjoy sex all that much. I told her that he obviously wasn't doing it right. She stated she didn't even know what right was. She said it was basically just "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" with her husband. I told her that was just a shame. We switched back to normal conversation and finished the last of the wine. I stood up and was getting ready to head back to my room and as I grabbed the handle of the door to exit, I heard my co-worker ask me if maybe sometime I could show her the "right" way. As I turned my head, I noticed she had lifted her shirt. As she caught me staring half in shock, half in awe, she then stated, "How about now?" and she made her way to the door where I was standing. She kissed me passionately and grabbed me. Within seconds, we were giving each other oral. As much as I wanted to, no intercourse. My attention was just for her. She was in amazement at how great it felt. I commented that with a husband like she had, she must have taken care of business for herself at times. The answer was a no as her mom had always told her that was wrong and dirty. Well, I was thinking that at that moment, she may have been convinced otherwise. Needless to say, this was only a small part of what took place the rest of the conference. Should this make it for posting, I'll do a follow up for everybody in a few days for Part 2.

— Dave, 37

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