Paying The Fine

This summer, I found a state park beach in Florida that has a long beach, sand dunes, and not many people. I put on a pink thong girl's bottom under my shorts and walked close to the end of the beach. I had not seen anyone for an hour, so I took off my shorts and lay out up in the dunes. I brought with me some red nail polish and a couple of cross-dressing magazines. I painted my toes and laid on my tummy; legs up in the air for the polish to dry, to tan my buns, and to check out the pictures in my magazines. Now, I'm a small, hairless male and from the back side, I could pass for a female. I was not paying any attention when a voice from behind said, "Ma'am, you can't wear thongs or go topless on this beach, you're going to have to get dressed." It was an older park ranger. I rolled over and told him I would put on my shorts. He looked at me and what I was reading and called a sissy. I said, "Yes sir, I am." He replied, "I could give you a ticket, but maybe you would like to pay the fine right here?" I asked, "How could I do that sir?" He indicated that oral with him would satisfy any fines. I did it and he said he would be back in a few hours and for me to be gone by then. He left and I did soon after.

— Sam, 28

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