Caught in the Act

I came home for lunch one afternoon. I could tell that my wife was really horny just by the way she was acting. She put on some really sexy dance music and began to dance around the kitchen. Looking into my eyes, she began grinding her pelvis into mine. Pretty soon she began to take off her clothes. She was dancing around the kitchen completely naked while I was still dressed. We kissed passionately several times, and she helped me to undress. I led her over and sat her on a bar stool, and we began to go at it hot and heavy. The music was kind of loud, and I thought I heard a knock at the door. But I was in so much heaven, I just ignored the sound. A moment later, just as I was about to climax, I felt my wife push me away and jump up startled from the bar stool. I turned around and there stood her friend from around the corner. She had stopped by to tell my wife something and walked in when no one answered the door. She was embarrassed. My wife was embarrassed. I was embarrassed, ticked, and just a little turned on. My wife ran out of the room. She stood there naked and talked with her for a few seconds as she apologized and left. After she had gone, my wife and I went in on the living room couch and had the best sex either of us ever had.

— Karl, 36

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