College Girl

Over the holidays, I became attracted to my step-sister's daughter. She is a freshman in college and although I've known her since she was a little girl, is a beautiful young woman with a sexy pair of eyes, and an amazing body. Last week, I was at a meeting in her college town and offered to take her to dinner. Over dinner, she asked if she could just drop the "uncle" part and call me by name, which I agreed to. After dinner, she asked to see the hotel I was staying in. It was a new "boutique" hotel, and many of her college friends worked there. We had a drink in the fashionable lobby and she asked to see what my room looked like. We went to my room and she looked all around in amazement. Evidently, it was a huge upgrade from her dorm room. I couldn't really hide my excitement at that point. She sat on the bed, one of those low, futon-types, and said, "You know what I like about these beds?" She grabbed the waist of my pants and pulled me toward her. "This bed is just the right height for me to give you oral." I was dumbfounded, but clearly turned on. She gave me the most amazing oral ever. I returned the favor immediately. We spent the entire night making love in every possible way imaginable. I'll never forget this amazing night, and am turned on even now, as I remember it.

— Wade, 49

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