Living The Fantasy

My wife and I have been married for sixteen years, and our sex life has never been better. She is a sexy woman who exercises every day to stay in shape, and she always attracts the attention of other men when we go out. When we make love, I tell her my fantasy of her taking another man and giving him all the pleasure she usually gives me. We were on vacation and went to a local bar one night. My wife was wearing a sundress with nothing underneath. She was looking really good that night and every man in the club was ogling her. We were dancing, and she whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me up on my fantasy. She had picked out her man and asked me if it was ok with me. I told her to go for it, and she went over and asked him to dance. They were on the dance floor getting closer and closer, his hands all over her tight sexy body. After a couple dances, they left the club together. My cell phone rang, and my wife told me to go out to the parking lot. When I got outside, I saw her giving him oral. When she saw me, she got up and began to make love to him. She stared at me as she did him, her face glowing with ecstasy. I was thoroughly aroused and walked closer to them. The man finally saw me as my wife continued to pleasure him to completion. After he was done with her, my wife did me the same way. She had just taken care of two men, and looked like she wanted more. We all went back to our hotel room, where she enjoyed both us a couple more times that night. My insatiable wife woke the next morning and told me how much she enjoyed living out my fantasy, and asked if we could do it again that night, but that is another story.

— Jared, 39

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