Be Careful

I made one horrible mistake two years ago and now I keep paying for it over and over again. From the time Jenni and I were married seven years ago, my mother-in-law Nanette has always flirted with me when Jenni wasn't around. It started innocently enough with her saying things like, "Jenni sure got lucky when she married a fine looking man like you." To be honest, I was flattered and would flirt back. None of this ever happened in front of Jenni and actually Nanette pretty much ignores me when Jenni is near. Jenni worships her mom. As time went on, Nanette would tell me things like, "I hope my daughter is satisfying you, because if she isn't, I certainly can." I confess that I fantasized about Nanette from time to time. She is only twenty-three years older than me, is a large voluptuous woman, really has aged well, and dresses to show off her large curves. But, I knew I would never cross that line and hurt Jenni. Two years ago, Jenni told me that Nanette called and asked if we could drive over that weekend (they lived four hours away) because my father-in-law Dan needed some help with some tree removals on their property. Jenni said she couldn't go, but she volunteered me to go help Dan. I said I would go, but I knew Nanette would be all over me. She would openly flirt with me in front of Dan. She once told him (while I was standing there) that she needed a young man like me and not some used up old man. Dan just laughed and said, "Yeah, but he doesn't need a fat old nag like you." I drove over Friday night after work and got there a little after ten. I knocked on the door and get the shock of my life when Nanette answered the door. She was wearing a black leather corset (which is barely able to contain her enormous chest), hose, garter belt, and high heels. I was stunned speechless. Nanette looked as sexy as anything I had ever seen in person. She pulled me in the front door, told me that she got rid of Dan for the weekend, and then shoved her tongue down my throat. There was no way for me to resist. I wanted her as badly as she wanted me at that moment and, believe me, we had an amazing night. Nanette had a large appetite and I fed her for two straight days. Since that weekend, Nanette has blackmailed me. We took videos and pictures; how stupid was I! Whenever she wants anything, I have to do it, and she can be very demanding. It was the worst mistake I ever made.

— Darrel, 31

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