Should I Tell?

A few hours ago after dinner, we were cleaning up. Well, I was because I was trying to be nice (seriously, I just wanted to help) and my younger brother kept asking me to do things that he was fully capable of doing, but he just did not want to get up. I kept doing what he wanted and then his wife said she had some work to do outside, so I needed to do the rest of the kitchen later on. Well, that pissed me off because I already helped more than usual and it was only 5pm; he had four more hours of daylight to fix the fence. I got mad at starting fighting back. She's a lot bigger than me and I always listen to her because she kind of scares me when she yells. My younger brother was watching TV and doing nothing. I kept fighting back until she said, "If you says one more word, you're going to get it!" I yelled back at her because I didn't think she'd do anything. She grabbed my arm and took me into the guest room. She put me over her lap and spanked me for more than fifteen minutes. It was very humiliating situation for me as twenty-three year old woman was spanking man of thirty-two years. I don't think my younger brother knew because he ended up going outside before she took me to the room. Should I tell my younger brother she did that or just ignore it? I didn't mean to make him mad; it just wasn't fair that I had to do it all. Now I'm really scared to go back downstairs or to face her. I apologized a million times, but she kept spanking me until I begged her to stop.

— Steve, 32

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