I Love The Fellows

I am a guy who had a recent threesome with another man and our sexy processor at work. I enjoyed the sex more with the man. Here is the most embarrassing thing that has happened yet. I have had mad, passionate sex all my life and never realized how small my penis is. After experiencing the threesome in our office, I decided that I needed to explore my homosexual adventurous side a little more. I decided to get on the web and join a gay chartroom. To make a long story short, eight men, all of us friends in the chat room, met in a motel in the city. We were all of different ethnic backgrounds as well as different heights and weights. We all get naked and began our free-for-all. I quickly became embarrassed that I had the smallest penis. Everyone soon started to stare and make fun, saying that I had the smallest penis they had ever seen. I always thought that a good four inches would pleasure anybody. I guess not. So, I have decided to go back to my wife and give up the whole gay thing. Small penis or not, I believe that I am a true gay man living a lie with my wife and kids.

— Kevin, 36

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