Shy Wife

My wife is twenty-two and has never been with another guy … until last night. After a few drinks, we were kidding around and I told her I'd like to watch her with someone else. She said never in a million years; but, when a younger guy came by about an hour later, I talked her into getting naked under a sheet and having some fun with him. I left the bedroom and asked him if he'd like to see her naked. He followed me into the bedroom and she had the sheet pulled up to her chin. I began pulling it down slowly and was kind of surprised that she was totally naked. I asked him if he'd like to touch her, and he quickly agreed. They soon began having sex. After he left, I asked her if she ever wanted to do it again. She asked me if I thought I could get him back before he went to bed. I did and we had sex for at least three hours. It was amazing.

— Max, 25

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