Helped Out A Neighbor

My across the street neighbors Dave and Beverly are in their late fifties and have been married forever. I am a single guy and I moved into their neighborhood a couple of years ago. I must confess that I find Beverly attractive, even though she is twenty-five years or so my senior. Beverly is short and chubby, with her weight settled in her breasts and rear end, has short silver hair, wears glasses, and has the most dynamic, fun personality you can imagine. I flirt with her when Dave isn't around, talk to her when she is doing her lawn work, and to be honest, I've occasionally thought about her and her massive breasts when I've pleasured myself. Yesterday morning, she knocked on my door in panic and explained to me that her car wouldn't start. I grabbed my jumper cables, got the car started, and her off to work. I didn't give it a second thought. This morning she knocked on my door again. It was Saturday and I knew she wasn't working (she is school teacher). She had baked me some pastry to thank me for my help yesterday. I invited her in to share the pastry and have some coffee. She accepted and we sat on the couch, eating pastry, drinking coffee, and talking. I don't know if it was the fact that she told me Dave had gone fishing with his brother for the week-end, or that she was wearing a tank top that revealed a large portion of her humungous breasts, but with no warning I leaned in and kissed her. She set her coffee down, stood up, and told me she had to leave. I stood up as well, pulled her towards me, and kissed her again. This time she kissed me back. After a few seconds, she pushed me away and said she was sorry, but this couldn't happen. I kissed her once more and she was on fire when she broke away from our kiss and stepped back. She was standing in front of me with her amazing, large, sagging breasts swaying back and forth and her pants down around her knees and she said, "Fred, I can't do this. I've been married to Dave for over thirty-two years and I've never cheated on him." I said, "No one will know," and I held her close as we started kissing again. We finished on the living room floor. That was about two hours ago. She invited me over for dinner tonight and I'm hungry.

— Fred, 30

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