Satin Secret

One time when my wife and I were on vacation, I ran out of clean underwear. My wife tossed me a pair of her satin panties and said, "Hurry up; we're going to be late!" I slipped the panties on and finished getting dressed. The entire evening, I was well aware I had satin panties on; every time I moved, I felt the satin slide across my rear and front. I liked the feeling and began thinking about how great they felt. They fit me good, as well and they were satin bikinis. I confessed my new found love to my wife, so when we got back home, she went out shopping. The next morning, to my surprise, my underwear drawer was filled with all sorts of satin panties and all of my regular tighty whiteys were gone. I now wear satin panties everyday and sometimes it winds up that the wife and I have the very same pair on! She loves seeing me in them and I love wearing them because they are much better. So now, our secret is actually Victoria's Secret!

— Carson, 25

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