Wearing Underskirts And Slips

I was in the house when I was younger and walked into the bathroom to see my Mum's black half slip hanging on the clothesline. I picked it up (no one was around) and wore it! I walked around in it and it felt good. It was made of nylon and had a layer of trimmed lace at the hem. I draped my towel around me and went outside. I later returned it and since then, I've been wearing them. I wear them under my robes and wrapper (I'm an African). I am even wearing three half slips as I write this! A lot of people, including my fiancée, know about it. I wear it in public and my wrapper sometimes come adrift; people seem to want to see me in it. Some see me as weird. Even my family doesn't seem to go well with it, but I like it since I don't see anything wrong with it.

— Don, 28

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