My Real Boss

My wife seemed to believe I might be fooling around with one of the secretaries. I never have cheated on my wife, ever. She decided to take out a personal insurance policy that would ensure I was not cheating. Every morning, she helps me get dressed. I am forced to put on stockings with a garter belt and nice satin panties. Then, I can put my regular clothes on. At first, I was like no way! She spanked me until I submitted. I now wear something girlish every day to work. Today, its very silky control top pantyhose. I have a difficult time not being excited most of the day. I now love to wear feminine things and do it everyday. Yesterday, I had a satin garter belt with built in thong panties and lace top stockings. It was a great feeling! I love my wife for doing this to me.

— Craig, 34

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