No More Men's Clothes

It has taken years to pull this off, but now much of my wardrobe consists of women's clothing, which I wear everyday. I can't remember the last time I wore anything male, especially underneath. My wife always thought I was a little off, but finally this summer after losing a ton of weight and getting trim, I purchased a pair of hot pants or bootie shorts as some would call them. She thought me weird, but after a few times parading in them with tanned, clean shaven legs, she commented my legs and butt were damn fine. This led to an intense session. In the weeks that followed, she made the comment that my panties were sexier than hers and asked if I would help her shop the next time. I told her sure, why not, so that's just what we did. Furthering her need to see me in sexy feminine clothing, we then embarked on shopping for more clothing that not only worked underneath, but on the outside as well. About the only thing I wear now on occasion that is male is some type of shirt while the rest of me is totally fem.

— Aaron, 38

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