Fun With Wife's Ex

When I was sent overseas in the military, my girlfriend and I agreed to date others. We were both highly sexed and had sex on every date. She also told me she had sex with every guy she had ever dated. When I returned two years later, we were married. After our honeymoon, we were settling in to married life. One night, we had gone out to a bar for drinks and dancing. We met one of her old boyfriends. She had told me he was really good in bed. I invited him back to our apartment for drinks as we were all only twenty years old. As we sat on the sofa with drinks, after the second one I began rubbing my wife's legs getting higher all the time. Soon we were talking about sex. After I removed most of my wife's clothes without her objecting, her friend and I undressed. I then had sex with my wife right there. After I finished, I told her friend he could do her as I watched. We have had five threesomes since then.

— Bert, 30

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