Another Of My Confessions....

As I have written before, I very seldom wear clothes, whether it is inside or outside. My wife approves and encourages it. She also approves that I am naked when her friends come over and that I pleasure myself in front of them. It has gotten to the point that they demand that I do that for them, and on command. They have now started to touch me whenever I am near them. Last weekend, one of them actually gave me oral in front of my wife and her friends. I am trying to talk them into taking off their clothes as well, but, so far no such luck. The furthest they will go is panties and bra. Golly, does it get any better than this? My wife told them that I wear panties whenever I am dressed so now, at times, they like me in panties and bra. I have been wearing panties and bras for several years now. My wife and I have a community panty drawer where we just pick a pair and go. But, I especially like picking a pair that she has worn out of the laundry hamper and then wearing them for a day before they are washed. She doesn't understand why I would do this, but does not object. I tell her it is a guy thing. As long as what I do does not hurt anyone, then I don't care and neither do the friends that come here.

— John, 62

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